How to Choose Colours For Your Wedding Gown‏

There are so many wedding gown colours to choose from today. Different colours bring out different moods and represent different things. But the truth is that in this date and modern time, the colours you choose must most importantly match your wedding theme and decorations.

It used to be white wedding gowns are colours along those range. It is a classic colour and will be always classy. If you want a classic look, go for this! Now, the entourage, and specifically the bridesmaids, wear customized dresses to match the wedding theme. Many people want to be unique and personalize their wedding and wear the colours they like.

Colourful wedding gowns can add a very powerful touch to the wedding. It creates a unique and special touch to the wedding and brings life to it. Also, depending on your culture, the many different colours represent different stands and meanings to it. So remember to check them out before choosing one which may mean the wrong thing.


Every year, there are thousands and tens of thousands couples getting married. It is the most special day for the bride and the groom. The most special day in their lives. Brides want to be prettiest and most unique on that day.

Red is a bright colour that stands out and is strikingly bold. Chinese especially, likes red because it signifies prosperity and is a good colour to them. Red also immediately makes the bride stand out from afar and will be the highlight to talk about.

We have seen a rise in trend of red wedding gowns in European countries as well as in America in the last several years. If white and pearl colour is too mundane for you, picking red is a very interesting and good option. It is also acceptable in the western countries.


The next colour that is close to red would be pink. This is a softer colour than red. It is a lighter version of red and has many tones. Unlike red, a softer red would be pink. Pink however, can have different shades, like pastel pink or hot pink.

Depending on your preference, pink can bring the wild side of you or the soft spoken side like how hot pink and pastel pink does. White is slowly not the only colour out there and pink is a good option to replace it. Usually the general people have white or pearl white in their minds when they think of wedding dresses.

Pink also speaks of fashion. It is a new trend that is picking up and is a very unique colour. A very feminine colour, pink stands for passion and love, as well as girly and is a colour that represents female.


Silver colour can be similar to white colour. But with an added tinge of surprise and metal, it seperates itself from white. Also a colour on the different side on the colour spectrum, silver speaks of classy and of higher value. It is similar to white that it looks pure and high class. Silver can have a wide range of meanings. It goes well with decorations of white, black and many colours, making it highly versatile. Brides that want something not loud but unique and striking may consider silver as silver is a beautiful colour.

The designs for silver wedding gowns are also very wide. Because of the colour, it is a shiny colour that will make the wearer look wider than she actually is. Brides that are on the bigger side usually will avoid this colour as it will make them look even wider. Brides that are on the bright side should avoid shiny fabrics that stretches and makes them look even bigger.


Finally, lets look at black. The colour at the opposite end of the spectrum as opposed to white, it is a sexy colour and brides love this colour as it makes them look slim and is easy on the eye. It may not be a colour that most people may like, but with a tinge of accessories and other colours like the belts or veils, black can be a very outstanding colour that brings out the uniqueness in you.

Not many bridal studios will provide black colour, so the best thing is to actually seek them and ask if the studio you are going for actually carries unique black gowns. When worn correctly, it can be a stealer and attention of focus on your special day. Black is definitely a sexy colour and can be very unique.

Having your colours for the gown is not an easy job. But once you have your wedding themes and ideas going, colours for the gown will be easier to choose. Think of your wedding favours, decorations and wedding invitation cards and you will find a good idea of what colour to choose. It will add a good image for your photos and videos on your big day.

Having a personalized colour will make the day special and after all the plannings of the operations, logistics and every single thing on the list, you want to look the best and choosing the right colour will make or break the whole thing.

Be sure to give your best and plan it well. It will go smoothly and it will all be worth it at the end of the day. All the best!